Sun & Moon, but make it spooky TOTEBAG
Sun & Moon, but make it spooky TOTEBAG

Sun & Moon, but make it spooky TOTEBAG

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This totebag, 15x16”, has my artwork printed on it and is not hand-painted :). It is a remix of my Sun & Moon design, adapted to this spooky season with the Sun wearing a witch’s hat and a cat perched on the Moon, with a hanging pumpkin from it.

There are currently only 5 totebags with this design in the world! 

Care tips:

  • Hand wash gently with cold water. Spot clean smaller stains with cloth to avoid over-exposing the art to chemicals & liquids.
  • Air dry, we recommend hanging it so it regains its shape (avoid dryer!:).
  • Iron out wrinkles carefully, make sure to place a towel in between your tote and the iron to protect the art.
  • Keep away from flammables and solvents.