On The Horizon Daily To Do List Download

On The Horizon Daily To Do List Download

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*Digital Download DOES NOT come with watermark, this is just to protect the my art❤️*

💚 This digital download is interactive, reusable, and FREE to download! Once you "checkout”, you will be able to download and use it with your iPad, touchscreen computer, adobe programs. You can even print it as many times as you’d like if you like to write on paper!!! How multifunctionally-cool is that!?

This graphic is meant to help you break down that big, scary to do list into 3 categories so you can accomplish all you want to! You can list the things you have to complete daily and still have an extensive list of what you have going on in the week so nothing scrapes through the cracks. There is a BIG Tasks to tackle section to help you highlight the most intimidating things you have to do that day/week but hopefully, by not seeing it all bunched up with the other to do’s, it will be easier for you to kick some a**! 

🐙My personal reason for creating it: 

I made this digital download for myself at the beginning of this semester when I found that keeping a long list on my notes app was no longer helping. I dreaded opening the app and reading through my LOOONG list even when I broke up what I had to do by days. It was just too much in one place and the typing was no longer helping me remember, I kept forgetting the BIG things I had to do by the end of the day. So, I made an engaging graphic that helps me refresh my mind each day and also keep track of deadlines/etc. This also satisfies the virgo in me because i LOVE to cross/ check things off.

My favorite part is the “self care” reminder section where you can write a couple things you want to make sure you do for yourself by the end of the day🤩. For me, cooking will be on this section every single day!👩🏽‍🍳 

I hope this helps your to do list(s) seem less scary. Sending you much love and reminder that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, yes even the most impossible things. 2021 is a year for growth, balance, and love, don’t let your tasks make you think otherwise. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜