Purple Hearts Tote

Purple Hearts Tote

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This tote bag was designed and hand-painted by me, I hope this unique design helps you tap into your awesome self, everyday!

Please keep in mind that because this tote is hand painted, it may have slight imperfections but that’s what makes it totally, uniquely, awesomely special! 

Care tips for your tote:

  • Hand wash gently with cold water. Spot clean smaller stains with cloth to avoid over-exposing the art to chemicals & liquids.
  • Air dry, we recommend hanging it so it regains its shape (avoid dryer!:).
  • Iron out wrinkles carefully, make sure to place a towel in between your tote and the iron to protect the art.
  • Keep away from flammables and solvents.
  • Do not soak.

This tote is handpainted therefore delicate, handle with care!💗