A reminder from a friend 💙 (wallpaper)
A reminder from a friend 💙 (wallpaper)

A reminder from a friend 💙 (wallpaper)

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*Digital Download DOES NOT come with watermark, this is just to protect the my art❤️*

💚 This digital download is interactive, reusable, and FREE to download! Once you "checkout”, you will be able to download and use it as your wallpaper!!

🐙My personal reason for creating it:

I made this graphic to remind myself that it is..well..okay to feel lazy! It has helped me through the down periods since then and I hope it helps remind and comfort you as well. 

P.S. meet Sammie the Sloth, your new self-appointed cheerleader!🦥 You can do this and remember, it is okay to rest...all you feel you need.