Submit a custom order


I am so excited that you are ordering a custom. 

Along with your name and email, please give a detailed description of your vision including the questions we have below. Also, please allow 1-7 days for customs to be shipped as they are made specifically for you per order 

1) What product are you ordering? (Mug, shot glass, phone case, digital portraits/art, paintings, other (contact us first about this option)).

2) By when do you need the product? This question allows us to complete and ship the product in time

(OPTIONAL) Have a reference picture? Email it to use after you've submitted the order. Please include that you will be sending a picture in the description you're submitting and include the name you've put the order under in the text of the email you're sending the picture in. 

We will email you with the price (including shipping), payment options (venmo, cashapp, apple pay, zelle), and about shipping information-we ship worldwide 🗺.  Once we receive the payment, we will begin your order!

▶ If you need help figuring out details for your custom and/or description, check out our common questions by clicking on our custom order tab