Meet the Artist



 I’m Marina Fela-Castillo, a 22 year old recent biology graduate from UNC Chapel Hill. Don’t let the degree fool you though, I actually really want to pursue art….so I’m doing that because college was weird and I feel very stuck. The degree is a story for another day, for now I’ll just share that life has taken A LOT of turns for me. Between the changes & many tower moments, I have cultivated a safe space for myself where I can create and do without limitations, rules, or expectations (well, the last one is a work in progress!).

My main goal with Pintamar is to make products that are as uniquely special as our customers. I think it’s important to continuously remind ourselves how freaking awesome we are and I aspire for my items to help add pizzaz (and reminder, when needed) to customer’s wardrobe, accessories, decor, etc! Our tag is “handmade products that make you feel good, unique, and awesome…all day every day” for a reason!

I am still getting used to the whole CEO, making my own decisions deal but it’s been amazing sharing my art with the world. Younger me, who made art for friends + family, is stoked to be here…we’re both still figuring a lot of things out, but having Pintamar makes life meaningful.

I‘m currently based in North Carolina but am from Venezuela. 

Thank you for helping me follow my dream💚
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📸Photo creds: Solace Visuals [Photography]. Find more about them by clicking here