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Hey! It’s Marina. I curated a list of links to make navigating Pintamar easier. Click on the icons to be transported, easily and hassle-free.
  • Instagram!
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I share most of my updates and sneak peaks through my stories. Join my journey of becoming a full-time artist and business owner by following on IG. (i also ask a lot of opinions, come be part of our process and growth!!) 

  • Twitter

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I share some updates here but mostly used twitter to RT fellow artists and creators as well as share funny memes that relate to Pintamar, being a business owner, etc! Follow on twitter to see all that cool content.
  • Tik Tok
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I am trying to use tik tok to expand my horizons beyond North Carolina and share my behind the scenes and creative processes unapologetically and without a 60 second limit. Come watch the tik toks to share my love for what I do and laugh a little at my awkwardness.