About my Business

My dream of owning a business and becoming my own boss unknowingly began around November 2020, completely spontaneously and as a blissful accident when a shotglass that I made for a friends 21st birthday got a lot of attention. I was surprised that this shotglass and my art received such positive feedback especially since, at the time, I struggled with sharing my art and would rarely do it. But, the universe works in grandiose ways and a shotglass I made to celebrate my friend led to peers asking for their own!! I began with hand-decorated shot glasses and shortly after introduced mugs into my product collections. I have since expanded to other products always looking to diversify my inventory.

I officially established my art business, Pintamar, in June of 2020. One step closer to achieving my dream, establishing Pintamar has allowed me to channel my love and passion for art into a way where I can share it with those around me. I am forever thankful for every person that has supported Pintamar & I along our journey. I am eager to continue seeing my business flourish and I hope you join our community and experience the love and growth with us💗

I truly love the work I get to do and 20% of our monthly profits are sent to my family in Venezuela. So, thank you for your past, present, and future orders and support. They are making an impact on a college students life and her family.