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The place to be totally you!

Welcome to our nook on the internet, here limitations don't exist and expressive art is created for the bold and authentic you, whatever that means for you.

Our thing is showcasing handcrafted designs made by our Founder and Artist, Marina, along with outsourced products from artists we admire and who share our values. Our goal is to provide an electric, one-of-a-kind shopping experience for you!

Think of Pintamar as THE place where your unapologetic needs meet your creative expressions. The spot where you can connect with pieces made by real people that add meaning and radiance to your wardrobe, space, and day-to-day life. We want you to feel good all day, every day.
Are you ready to tap into the awesomeness within you?

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Who was Pintamar made for?



    Who want to use art as the powerful tool it is to decorate their life and express themselves.

  • everyBODY


     That wants to wear, design, and care for the art we make.



    Who are growing and evolving into who they want to be.

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Behind the inspiration

Pintamar is a symbol of hope. I pursued a biology degree because it was a secure road to success. In following other people's advice > my gut I found myself on a journey of sadness, self-rejection, and guilt. During that challenging time, art provided a safe space where I could breathe and just exist. And, it continues to do so as I grow.

Post-graduating, I am focusing on what I want to do (I have also realized that success is subjective). With art, I feel like myself. I feel connected to my dreams and don’t feel as awkward in my skin. My experiences drive me to design artwork that reminds and inspires.

I want Pintamar to be a safe space to own your truth like it has been for me.

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